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Moss Tiles

Moss Tiles are ceramic tiles designed with a pattern to grow moss improving air quality and increasing biodiversity in cities.


The tiles are designed with a textured surface and multiple grooves, allowing a sheltered space for the moss to grip to the tile and establish itself. The design of the tile offers a visually striking installation. By rotating the orientation of the tiles, a circular or wave motif can be created.

Moss Tiles


Moss is very effective at absorbing air pollution as it converts nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide into oxygen, and the leaves capture tiny particles of particulate matter. Moss is also a resilient plant that captures moisture from the air eliminating the need for maintenance and regular watering.


The tiles are currently designed to be installed on exterior facades. Moss Tiles can be used for a wide range of applications from gardens, courtyards and home renovations to architects and urban planners looking to install green walls onto existing or new build structures. Once the tiles are installed on a wall surface, they are seeded and planted with moss spores.



Being modular, the tiles can accommodate different wall sizes and cover a large or small surface area. The design and size of the tiles can also be customised.

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